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Small Moths In House – Stamp Out Moths With These Moth Killers!

Small Moths In House – Stamp Out Moths With These Moth Killers!

Small Moths in House?

Finding little holes in your knitwear and not sure what to do next to prevent more damage?

Insurance companies won't cover Moth damage, but all is not lost! Find out what to look for, where to look, what to do about your Moth problem and how to stop them coming back!

Not every Moth product can be called a 'Moth Killer', and if you have a bad moth problem the most effective way of dealing with it is to kill the moth larvae AND eggs as well as the Moths and then start your moth protection programme.

What to look for. 

Seeing a Moth flying around in your home is a problem...  but it's not the problem. You can kill the Moth, but it's the larvae which are going to cause you problems because this is the destructive stage of their life cycle. The eggs, which look like a small grain of white rice, take only a few days to hatch into larvae but they can remain at this stage for up to two years. Killing the Moth itself is just the start, what you really need to deal with are her eggs and larvae.

Locate the Moths & Larvae. 

Moths thrive in dark, undisturbed places and these are the conditions the female Moth will seek to lay her eggs. For Clothes Moths check through drawers and wardrobes, in corners and on shelving, but don't forget about items in storage.

Make use of Moth Traps to effectively find the source of your moth problem, such as Acana Moth Monitoring Trap. They attract and trap moths whilst also checking for first alerts of infestation and monitoring the effectiveness of your Moth products. 

First steps to removing Moths

Your first action should be to remove all garments from the wardrobes or drawers and thoroughly vacuum, it may be time consuming but when it comes to saving your valuable clothes it's worth it!

Now make use of Moth Killers to really get rid of them with products such as  Acana Moth Killer SprayAcana Moth Killer Sachets and Acana Hanging Moth Killers.

Whatever you do, don't ignore the problem!  Things will only get worse and you'll lose even more of your clothes!
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