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Harness the Indian Summer: Top Tips for Hanging Clothes Outside

Harness the Indian Summer: Top Tips for Hanging Clothes Outside

As the scorching sun of the Indian summer beats down, it's the perfect time to harness the power of nature to dry your clothes naturally! Hanging clothes outside not only conserves energy but also leaves your garments smelling fabulously fresh. Make the most of the Indian summer to dry your laundry effectively and efficiently.

  1. Choose the Right Time:

    • Timing is crucial when it comes to hanging clothes outside in the UK. The best time ideally is first thing so that it has the maximum amount of drying time. 
  2. Use Quality Clothespins:

    • Invest in sturdy clothespins to secure your garments firmly on the line. Also choose clothes pegs that are UVA/UVB resistant, colourfast and rustproof to withstand all that the weather may throw at them without deteriorating.
  3. Sort and Prep Your Laundry:

    • Before heading outside, sort your laundry by fabric type and colour. Delicate fabrics should be placed in the shade to prevent damage from direct sunlight, while dark-coloured clothes may require a quick shake or brush with a Pet Hair / Lint Remover to remove excess lint before hanging.
      fluff and lint remover
  4. Select a Sunny Spot:

    • Find a well-ventilated area with ample sunlight for drying your clothes. Ensure that the area is free from tree sap, bird droppings, or other potential sources of stains.
  5. Shake It Out:

    • Give each garment a good shake before hanging it. This helps to eliminate wrinkles and ensure that your clothes dry evenly.
  6. Avoid Overcrowding:

    • Allow sufficient space between garments on the line. Overcrowding can hinder proper air circulation, leading to longer drying times and potential wrinkling.
  7. Rotate Your Line:

    • As the sun moves across the sky during the day, rotate your clothesline to ensure all items receive equal sun exposure. This helps prevent uneven drying and fading.
  8. Use Drying Racks for Delicates:

    • Delicate fabrics like lace, silk, or chiffon should be dried on a drying rack in the shade to prevent damage from the harsh sun.
  9. Check the Weather Forecast:

    • Keep an eye on the weather forecast to avoid unexpected rain showers. Sudden rain can undo all your efforts to dry your laundry naturally.
  10. Evening Retrieval:

    • Retrieve your dry clothes in the evening when the sun has mellowed down. This prevents them from absorbing moisture during the cooler nighttime hours.

Embracing the Indian summer to dry your clothes outside not only saves energy but also brings a delightful freshness to your laundry. By following these tips, you can ensure that your clothes dry efficiently, maintain their quality, and make the most of the abundant sunshine during this season. So, step out into the warm sun, enjoy the process, and revel in the eco-friendly benefits of air-drying your clothes during the Indian summer!

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