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The best sticky rollers for pet hair removal and more

I've been buying these sticky rollers from Caraselle Direct for years and they really are the best and most effective I've come across. I use them for pet hair removal from furnishings but I also use them on the carpet and on a rug after I've vacummed. It's amazing how much extra dust and bits they pick up which a vacuum cleaner misses. I also use them to take the dust off my cat's toys after he's been batting them around. These rollers are a very fair price, you get more on the roll than you do with other brands and they are far better at picking up.


With a long haired cat these are essential great product good price and very quick delivery totally recommend this company for this product

great size for large art pieces

very practical and hard to find a large acid free paper

Great product !!

Not environmentally friendly at all !

Hello, I bought from you because of writing that your products etc are from sustainable sources, not plastic etc etc. first: the package came wrapped in 3 different layers of plastic , then each product, which is completely not environmentally friendly material, was wrapped again in plastic. I feel very angry. Every time I see your name coming up I can only feel deceived. Nothing else to add . My only hope is that you take this serious. RF

Dear Rosa,
We're sorry that our Peva products were not what you expected. We want all our customers to enjoy our products so wanted to confirm details about your purchase. Peva - poly(ethylene-vinyl acetate) - is a biodegradable and recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice for sustainable practices. The packaging is retail protective packaging which is not recyclable. We only mention the biodegradable advantages of Peva on the site, if there is any suggestion that the packaging or product is different to what you expected please accept our apologies.
Best wishes, Liz

Excellent product

Very effective - does a great job!

Works well especially on dog hair just what I’ve been looking for

It really does work and was really affordable

The best you can buy!

With 30 years of owning cats I can honestly say these are the best pet hair removers on the market. I would be lost without them and keeping the home free from fur would be impossible. Long lasting, strong and easy peel to next sheet.

Excellent product.

Used them for years, shame they were unavailable for some time. Best way to store my jumpers in the summer.


Just a pity no option for silver or white for ladies. Black for men is fine, but silver or white is nice for ladies.

Pleasantly perfumed

These strips are a useful moth deterrent, which I place in drawers where my woollen jumpers and cardigans are kept. During the summer months, these clothes are stored away in zipped Peva bags (another excellent product from Caraselle) and over the years there has been no moth damage. The scent is floral, rather feminine but not overpowering.

As for the booklet, it’s an interesting read with some helpful ideas about preventing moth damage around the home.

Excellent storage bags

Extremely useful bags for storing sweaters as well as shirts. They're reasonably strong and last for years if handled carefully and the zips aren’t tugged too hard. Placing one or two scented anti-moth strips in each bag, I’ve had no problems with the little devils munching their way through expensive wool and cashmere knitwear.

Quality product …

… but sadly had to return as too bulky for my small wardrobe!
No problem returning for refund.
Excellent service as always.

The best trouser hangers

I have lots of these trouser hangers. They are amazing. The trousers never fall off and they make the space in your wardrobe so efficient and neat.

Excellent product

Good price for such a helpful item for household.


This make of pet hair remover is the absolute best, for removing pet hair!
In the past, i have tried other pet hair removers, but nothing compares to this product. I had bought these pet hair removers in launderettes, but their prices were extortionate. Also, by buying this product online, i have them delivered to my front door. In the past, i had travelled miles to buy these little treasure. these pet hair removers really do the job and are easy to remove each part as i use the roll. I will definitely be buying from this seller again. Promptly posted and carefully packaged.

Four refills arrived but no roller!

So I can’t try them!

Hi Malcolm,
Many apologies for this - we've since contacted you and sent one out, we'd be really grateful if you could update your review and hope you are enjoying using them now you can! Many thanks for your order.

Terrific Product!

Acana Moth Killer Sachets are excellent. They protect my treasured cashmere sweaters effectively for months, are easy to use, and have a nice, light scent. I have been using them for years!

Best pet hair remover I’ve ever used

Grate pegs

For some time I have looked for good pegs that holds well and do not fall apart first time used. I can say that these pegs are up to the job. Can recommend them.

Topster Milk Pourers
Lesley Hobson
Brilliant, wish I had found it sooner

Such a useful pourer, gives a gentle pour and non-drip. Very good for adding to tea and coffee in a controlled flow.

So useful. Great product.

Very sticky and removes all the hair easily. Plenty on the roll and easy to rip off and dispose in the bin with no mess.

Excellent. I was delighted having tried other similar products. These are the best!

Strong pegs

very good quality and very colourful. strong wind yesterday and the pegs held strong. good buy