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How To Clean My Shower Head? Use the Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner!

How To Clean My Shower Head? Use the Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner!

Our Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner offers several benefits that can help improve the functionality, hygiene, and appearance of your shower head.

shower head cleaner

Let's explore the advantages of using the Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner:

Effective Limescale Removal:

Over time, mineral deposits and limescale can build up in your shower head, affecting water flow and reducing its efficiency. Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner is specifically designed to tackle limescale, ensuring that your shower head functions optimally.

Improved Water Pressure:

Limescale buildup can lead to reduced water pressure, making your showers less enjoyable. By using Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner to remove limescale, you can restore the water pressure, providing a more invigorating shower experience.

Hygienic Cleaning:

Regularly cleaning your shower head with Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner helps eliminate bacteria, mold, and mildew that can accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. This promotes a cleaner and healthier showering environment for you and your family.

Long-lasting Results:

With consistent use, you can maintain a clean and efficient shower head and provide long-lasting results reducing the need for frequent replacements.


  • Use neat in hard water areas. In soft water areas Shower Head Cleaner can be diluted 50:50 with water.
  • Fully immerse the shower heads and any other parts to be treated in a solution of Shower Head Cleaner.
  • Leave to work for 20 minutes or until the debris has been cleaned or softened.
  • Scrub and rinse well as required.

how to clean my shower head


The Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner can be used on various types of shower heads, including fixed, handheld, or rain shower heads, making them suitable for a wide range of shower setups. You can also use it to clean and descale general bathroom areas.


With this super effective de-scaler you can eliminate the large amounts of limescale and grime which can accumulate without a regular bathroom cleaning schedule in place.

Cleaning shower heads on a regular basis minimises the risk of contamination, eliminates any unpleasant odours and improves water flow through your shower heads.

The Caraselle Shower Head Cleaner can also be used to clean and descale general bathroom areas - making it an all round multipurpose bathroom cleaner!

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