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Wardrobe Moth Repellent Hanging - Best Moth Repellent For Clothes

Wardrobe Moth Repellent Hanging - Best Moth Repellent For Clothes

Looking for the best Moth Repellent For Clothes?

When it comes to preserving our cherished garments and textiles, we want to ensure they remain free from the devastating effects of moth damage. Caraselle's Orphea Moth Repellent Strips to the rescue. These powerful strips offer an effective solution to prevent moth infestations and protect your wardrobe from potential harm. Simple, but effective & completely natural – the easy design of the strips allows you to hang them in your wardrobe or place them in your drawers or in the pockets of jackets.

Let's get straight to the benefits and usage of Caraselle's Orphea Moth Repellent Strips, helping you safeguard your clothing and maintain their pristine condition for years to come.

Available with BIG savings on multipacks so you don't run out & saving you money!

💯 Long-lasting protection
🌼 Refreshing floral scent
👕 Safe on all fabrics

👍 Easy to use


Signs of Clothes Moths:

You might think you’ve snagged your clothes on something sharp but more often than not the holes are caused by ravenous Clothes Moths. Holes around the neck and/or armpits in sweaters or tops, holes in the crotch of trousers or jeans are giveaway signs of moth damage.

The Problem With Moths:

The female moths will lay her eggs in any natural fibres and are very difficult to see because they’re so tiny but other signs your wardrobe or cupboards have these unwelcome visitors are webbing, cocoons, cases, lots of very small pellets, and even dead moths clumped into the webbing.  

People think if they haven't seen a Moth flying around they don't have Moths, you don’t need to see a moth flying around to have a moth problem because it’s the larvae that does the damage, living for around 2-3 months at this stage before they pupate, all the time feeding on your clothes.

We recommend hanging a minimum of 2 in each wardrobe and placing 2 in each drawer & cupboard. They are ideal for storing & protecting your cashmere, brilliant for all natural and the most delicate fabrics which Moths are particularly attracted to. Made in Switzerland.

natural moth protection

Gentle Protection for Delicate Fabrics:

Suitable for the most delicate of fabrics – the formulation ensures they won't leave any residue or damage your precious garments, making them suitable for a wide range of fabrics and textiles.

Top Tips when dealing with Clothes Moths:

What else can you do to avoid Moths becoming an even bigger problem?

Always try to leave a gap between clothes in your wardrobe (it's the Moth Larvae doing the damage and they can easily move from one garment to the other when clothes are bunched tightly together – they don't have wings at this stage!). If you can't leave a space between clothing Moth protection is even more important! Why would you leave this to chance?!

Caraselle's Orphea Moth Repellent Strips offer a reliable and convenient solution to protect your wardrobe from moth damage. By incorporating these strips into your storage routine, you can preserve your cherished garments and textiles for years to come.

Don't wait until moths become a problem – take proactive measures and safeguard your wardrobe with Caraselle's Orphea Moth Repellent Strips today. Your clothes will thank you for the extra care and protection!

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