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Caraselle Peg Caddy UK – Now With Big Bundle Savings!

Caraselle Peg Caddy UK – Now With Big Bundle Savings!

Peg Caddy and Pegs Pack – a faster & easier way to hang out the clothes!

Simplify Clothes Hanging with a money saving peg caddy (peg bucket) and pegs bundle!

Hanging out your clothes without the right tools can take a long time! Using a peg caddy with pegs when hanging out clothes is a bit of a game changer in making the job quick and easy!

Organization Made Easy

A peg caddy with pegs keeps all your clothespins in one convenient spot. No more searching through drawers or pockets for scattered pegs - they are right at your fingertips, ready to go!

Quick and Efficient

With a peg caddy, you can efficiently grab the pegs you need without wasting time. Its design allows for easy access, so you can swiftly attach clothes to the line and move on to the next item.

No More Lost Pegs

Say goodbye to missing pegs! A peg caddy ensures that your clothespins are securely stored after use. They won't fall to the ground or get lost in the grass, saving you from constantly buying replacements.

peg caddy and pegs

Easy to Carry

The handle makes it easy to carry your pegs around over your arm – you'll have everything you need in one portable and lightweight container.

Neat and Tidy

A peg caddy helps maintain a tidy clothes-hanging station. After laundry day, simply store the pegs back in the caddy, keeping your outdoor area clutter-free.


Hanging out clothes is great, practical way to dry your laundry – it's better for the environment and it saves you money! From better organisation and quick access to no more lost pegs, this dynamic duo will revolutionise your clothes-hanging routine. Keep your outdoor space neat and your laundry organised, all with the help of a peg caddy & pegs bundle!

The Caraselle Clothes Pegs Caddy & Pegs Bundle is a great little addition to your washing needs providing an all in one bundle for hanging out your clothes! Each pack contains a handy colourful Clothes Peg Caddy and a choice of 1 Pack, 2 Packs or 3 Packs of Extra Strong Non-Slip Clothes Line Pegs

  • 💯 SECURE GRIP & RUSTPROOF: The extra-strong design of these clothing pegs with non-slip pads moulded in ensures your laundry stays put, even in the windiest conditions! These washing pegs have a strong and secure hold. Designed in the UK using premium and superb materials, ensuring their durability and robustness, giving you long-lasting use without the need for frequent replacements
  • ☀️ UVA/UVB resistant: These brightly coloured pegs stay bright no matter the weather. 
    👍 BPA Free. Free from plasticisers. Mark-free, Non-Slip & easy hold moulded design. Odourless. 
  • ✔️ VERSATILE USE: These clothes pegs are suitable for various items; they can be used as towel clips for sun loungers, beach towel pegs, washing line pegs to hang sheets, blankets, and towels, to accommodate thicker items like quilts & more delicate items.  Caddy could also be used for storing other items in style around the home!
  • 👌EASY USE CADDY: Featuring a cheerful and colourful design, made from strong plastic and with an easy to use clip over hook, to ensure it stays on your washing line - exactly where you want it!
  • 🌈 VIBRANT &  COLOURFAST: Brighten up hanging out the washing with this cheerful Peg Caddy & Pegs! Pegs will not stain your clothes.
  • 💪STURDY: Made from high quality polypropylene, it won't rust being made from durable plastic and makes light work of hanging out and taking in your clothes from the washing line.

Caddy colours may vary


Caddy sizing: Height of basket = 14 cms ( 30 cms including the hook ) Length = 24 cms Depth = 15 cms

Peg sizing:  8 x 3 x 1.5 cms

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