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Looking For Zensect Moth Balls or Rentokil Moth Balls?

Looking For Zensect Moth Balls or Rentokil Moth Balls?

If you're a previous Zensect Moth Balls or Rentokil Moth Balls customer you'll be interested in the below alternatives which are extremely effective at removing and preventing Moths... 

Why you need Moth protection

High quality wools and cashmeres are made to be treasured for years, if not generations. But they might already be ruined if you have a clothes moth infestation.

If you have expensive taste the bad news is, so do clothes moths. Their larvae thrive on the natural fibres found in wool, cashmere and cotton etc. Worst of all, the damage is usually irreparable and not covered by insurance. 

Orphea Moth Repellent Strips

If you're looking for a natural Moth product for preventing moth infestations by deterring moths from the treated area, look no further than Orphea Moth Repellent Strips. For many customers this is their chosen alternative – they are the preferred product of luxury Italian clothiers such as Piacenza Cashmere and they prevent infestation with a unique, natural fragrance formulated from over 400 plant and flower extracts. As well as getting rid of moths, Orphea Strips infuse your clothes with a luxurious, floral scent.

Each pack contains 12 strips that can be placed in drawers or attached to hangars and provide great smelling, non-staining and safe clothes moth deterrence for up to 12 weeks.

Pleasant for us but repellent to moths, 12 Orphea strips in a box.

  • These discrete, safe to touch and non-staining products can be placed safely in your drawers, wardrobes or even pockets
  • Ideal for storing & protecting your cashmere & other natural fibres & clothes in and out of storage
  • Non toxic, non carcinogenic, safe to use around children & pets
  • Will not stain – safe to use on even the most delicate of fabrics
  • Hang a minimum of 2 in each wardrobe
  • Place 2 in each drawer & cupboard
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Available with multipack discount savings – buy more, save more! 

ACANA Moth Killers

ACANA Moth Killers are focused on eliminating existing moth infestations and keeping it that way! 

Acana Hanging Moth Killers

Every moment your valuable garments sit in storage, they're at risk of being consumed by a moth infestation. You could keep taking them out to wash and inspect them, but let's be honest most of your clothes stay in wardrobes and drawers, waiting for a special occasion or change of season. Making use of Acana Moth Killers makes sense! For three months, they'll gradually release Acana's unique formula that safely kills clothes moths, larvae and their eggs.

Acana Moth Killer Sachets

So, if you're a previous Zensect Moth Balls or Rentokil Moth Balls customer you now have alternatives which are extremely effective at removing and preventing Moths!

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