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🌍 Caraselle accueille les clients internationaux ! Tarifs d'expédition compétitifs disponibles dans le monde entier. Demandez votre devis dès aujourd'hui !
🌍 Caraselle accueille les clients internationaux ! Tarifs d'expédition compétitifs disponibles dans le monde entier. Demandez votre devis dès aujourd'hui !


Sécurité et Caraselle

Caraselle utilise Worldpay pour gérer le traitement de ses cartes de crédit et sécuriser ses transactions.

La sécurité est probablement l’une des préoccupations les plus importantes tant pour l’acheteur que pour le détaillant lors d’une transaction en ligne. En réalité, une transaction en ligne est probablement plus sûre qu'une transaction par carte dans un magasin ou effectuée par téléphone ou par fax, car les informations transmises en ligne sont fortement cryptées à l'aide de combinaisons logarithmiques complexes.

Le système de paiement WorldPay utilise une combinaison de techniques établies et innovantes pour garantir la sécurité et l'intégrité de toutes les données sensibles. De plus, nos serveurs Web publics sont certifiés par Thawte, une autorité de certification publique, garantissant que l'acheteur et le détaillant peuvent avoir l'assurance que personne ne peut usurper l'identité de WorldPay pour obtenir des informations confidentielles.

Chiffrement des transactions
Le transfert des détails d'achat du site du détaillant vers Worldpay est encapsulé à l'aide de notre propre protocole crypté et signé numériquement. Celui-ci utilise une combinaison de méthodes standards telles que PGP, RSA et MD5 pour garantir que les informations transmises sont sécurisées et infalsifiables via SSL.

Sécurité pour l'acheteur
Toute communication entre l'acheteur et WorldPay est également cryptée au niveau maximum pris en charge par le navigateur de l'acheteur en utilisant SSL 128 bits. Les acheteurs sont également protégés contre l'utilisation frauduleuse de leur carte dans un environnement « carte non présente », par les émetteurs de leur carte. Les émetteurs de cartes donnent le droit à l'acheteur de contester une transaction si les biens/services ne sont pas arrivés ou si la carte a été utilisée frauduleusement.

Stockage de données
Le stockage des données sur les systèmes WorldPay et la communication entre WorldPay et les réseaux bancaires mondiaux sont régulièrement audités par les autorités bancaires pour garantir un environnement de transaction sécurisé. Nous veillons également à rester à jour avec les dernières versions de tout code tiers que nous utilisons et révisons continuellement notre propre code propriétaire.

Based on 950 reviews
Grate pegs

For some time I have looked for good pegs that holds well and do not fall apart first time used. I can say that these pegs are up to the job. Can recommend them.

Topster Milk Pourers
Lesley Hobson
Brilliant, wish I had found it sooner

Such a useful pourer, gives a gentle pour and non-drip. Very good for adding to tea and coffee in a controlled flow.

So useful. Great product.

Very sticky and removes all the hair easily. Plenty on the roll and easy to rip off and dispose in the bin with no mess.

Excellent. I was delighted having tried other similar products. These are the best!

Strong pegs

very good quality and very colourful. strong wind yesterday and the pegs held strong. good buy

Great little hangers

I ordered 10 of these by mistake - thinking they were the usual ones I buy, but these are 30cm rather than 40cm so was shocked how small they were when they arrived. However, they’re just perfect for roll top and polo neck jumpers! Easy to put into the top of jumpers without compromising the neck, but still holds them securely.

Best hangers

Wouldn’t use anything else for all my jumpers, cardigans and jackets. No more lumps or marks on the shoulders which you invariably get with other types of hangers. Expensive but totally worth it.

THE best tissue paper EVER

I sell numerous on eBay/Vinted and Caraselle’s jumbo tissue is far superior to other competitor’s paper which tend to have a grey tone, are fragile and tear far too easily :( On the other hand, Caraselle’s sheets are very large, brilliant white and strong with a subtle sheen. I’m so pleased I happened across Caraselle’s webstore. I won’t ever buy tissue paper from anywhere else.

Great product

This cedar wood ironing water is great. Smells nice but not too pungent! Prompt delivery and well-packaged. Thank you!

Super sticky and remove pet hair in seconds. Highly recommended.

Moth removal

excellent product and works very well

A well made protective cover

Purchased on behalf of a female friend who is delighted with it. Will offer good all round protection and breathable at same time. Strong cotton material with equally strong full length zips. Would recommend to anyone.


A very good product easy to use and does the job! My Cat has three favourite places in which to sit/sleep! so everyday is a cleaning day with my Caraselle roller. It is a pleasure to use it. Thank you Caraselle.


Really good I've been using caraselle for ages

Great product

Nice and sticky picks up everything. A little more pricey than some. Worth every penny of the difference.superb product.

The Best Pet Hair Remover

I have been buying these Pet Hair Removers for years from Caraselle i am really pleased with them and i would recommend them to everyone.

Excellent product

My daughter was given this stain remover for her wedding day and it was excellent at removing drink spillage. I was so impressed I had to purchase and now all family members have one!

A wonderful hair banisher

Through sheer online incompetence I only ordered one caraselle roller last week, but it has been my friend and my cats' friend for years. I had a shorthaired tabby, and now I have a ragdoll - completely different hair types - and now I even have myself, because I have reached the age when my hair becomes wispy and is to be found on my navy blue coats and jumpers.
I couldn't live without caraselle rollers - wouldn't consider any other brand

Best I found

Love these jumbo rolls as last a long time and pick up hairs and fluff of cloths great

Sticky rollers.

We have always used Caraselle Direct for our pet hair removing sticky rollers. They are the best by far from others we have tried. With two Border terriers they are a must.

Efficient service, great value

I am very happy with the ease of purchasing, the fast delivery and the quality of the product. I will be back for more!

Not yet used

When I have time to see what if any results from their use, but it seems unlikely that within a couple of days any firm conclusion could be drawn, even if the packets were open

Absolutely love these

Best pet hair removers

These are the best pet hair removers I've ever found, and I've tried a lot. Very sticky and last for ages. Excellent value.

If you have a pet, then you MUST have a supply of these. Simple as!